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Oswestry Recorded Music Society was founded in 1958, the brainchild of employees of the Post Office’s telephone department (then part of the state-owned GPO and the predecessor to British Telecom). They were based at an engineering and administration centre located  in a former country house, Brogyntyn Hall,  just outside the town. One of those founder members was  Edward Tanner ,who sadly died in February 2012; another was the late Peter Lander (a former Treasurer). Those two members formed the backbone of the Society for many years until ill health forced them to take a back seat.

For most of that period we have been the only RMS in Shropshire, our nearest neighbours being at Wolverhampton.

The very first meeting was held in the old Public Library, formerly situated at the rear of the Guildhall, and during these early years the Society struggled along with attendances sometimes as low as six.  After several moves to various types of accommodation it was agreed to move to the then newly-built Parish Centre in the middle of town, near the Broad Walk. At this time it was a gamble as the room hire costs were far more expensive than anything before. That gamble paid off due to the central location as well as reasonable acoustics, comfort levels and refreshment facilities. Membership steadily increased, peaking at around 100, although currently we have about thirty paid-up members with attendances usually between 20 and 30.
Sadly, those comfort levels declined significantly in recent times and the society decided to relocate to The Qube halfway through the 2012-13 season. This has proved to be a wonderful , welcoming venue.

Another important activity throughout the Society's history  has been visits to concerts of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra as well as occasional concerts at Wrexham featuring various orchestras and artists. Eventually, this operation became independently run by Oswestry Concert-goers. However, in 2016 this group ceased operating.

The Society invested in new and impressive sound equipment in 2015. It's a sign of the times that the audio cassette player and vinyl record deck have not seen the light of day for many years!

ORMS celebrated its 60th anniversary during the 2018/19 season

Author: Paul Astell

Page last updated: September 19, 2019